Do you charge for the initial evaluation? 

No, our initial estimates are completely free of charge.  They last about 30 minutes.

Are you Insured? 

Yes, ESCLA, Inc. carries full insurance coverage.

How long do the Estate Sales last? 

Typically, we conduct 3-Day Estate Sales within the client’s home (Friday, Saturday and Sunday.)  

What are the hours of the Estate Sale? 

The sale is conducted between the hours of 9am-4pm daily.

Where do you advertise? 

We have a mailing list which reaches over 10,000 loyal customers (ranging from individual buyers, designers, dealers, and stagers. We also advertise on extensively which updates about all estate sales going on in Los Angeles. Additionally, we provide significant street signage to also capture neighborhood attention. 

Where is the estate sale held? 

We conduct the estate sale within the home where the items are. We fully stage, research, price merchandise, and photograph (for advertisement) all items to highlight the entire collection within the home. 

Can I be living in the home at the time of the estate sale? 

We ask that our clients already be moved out of the home before the preparation for the estate sale begins. This is best for both the client and the staff. Our team moves all items around in the home and stages the home like a store—this process becomes too invasive if the client is still in the home.

What is your commission? 

The company takes a 40% commission on the gross of the estate sale. 

Are there any additional fees outside this commission? 

Typically not. Our commission covers all the cost to the client. 

Who Prices Items:

Our staff evaluates and prices all items, based on a combined experience of 60+ years, and also being in the marketplace daily knowing how to set the fair resale value of pieces. 

Can I set the price on items? 

We cannot allow our clients to set the pricing on items (as this is the company’s area of expertise and combined knowledge). However, if there is a piece of specific significance we can honor a reserve price on that item.

Do I get copies of what sold? 

Yes, our clients get a copy of each and every receipt generated at the sale (which contains the description of the item sold, and the amount it sold for). The client also gets a comprehensive summary report showing all items sold. 

How soon do I get paid? 

We pay our clients within 14 business days, post estate sale, per our estate sale contract.  

Do you have security? 

Yes, ESCLA, Inc has an armed security guard present for every estate sale. 

How are you sure people leave with only the items they bought? 

Security cross-checks the paid receipts against the items being removed from the home upon each customer’s exit. 

How many people can come into the home at one time? 

We regulate the head count within the home at all times. We limit the number of attendees within the estate to between 15-20 people at any one time (depending on the size of the home). We have approximately 1 ESCLA, Inc team-member to assist every 4-5 shoppers. Thus, keeping a manageable number that our staff can assist. 

What happens if someone trips or gets injured while on my property? 

The security personnel ensure that everyone sign a liability release safeguarding the company and our client against any accidents that may occur while on the property, releasing both our client and the company from any liability. 

What do I do with the unsold items? 

We have a very high sales rate, however some items will remain unsold, at the end of the sale. It is our client’s preference if they would prefer to take the remaining items back, store them, or donate them. 

In the event the client chooses donation, we can schedule a donation service to come to the house and remove remaining items for a tax write-off.

The donation pickup will then be overseen by the client. 

Do you provide trash removal services? 

If there is excess trash within the home when we enter to conduct the sale, we advise our clients rent a dumpster to handle existing trash. Any trash generated by the estate sale team will be removed by us. 

What if I need valet services? 

Valet parking service fees are the responsibility of the client and are not included in our standard services.

Do you clean the home after the estate sale? 

We remove all of our materials, signs, etc and leave the home as it was when we entered it—however, we do not offer a full cleaning service post-sale.