The annual purge aka Epic and fabulous yard sale

We are getting ready to do our own purge just before the holidays and our next round of amazing sales.  

I have gone through every drawer and shelf in my home, the garage and the shed, storage unit as well....clearing and cleaning.  I have held on to some items, thinking.... should I or shouldn't I? Have I used it in the last six months, that the rule for my clients, and alas.... we are having our yard sale.   Check it out..

I hope you all can make it.  The kids are making lemonade and I will be one step closer to our next phase.  Warehouse opens January 1, marking a new year and a new way of doing things.  Oh yeah,  did you see the new website?  And online store in the next month or so - I hope... it takes longer to upload photos than I thought.  I digress and keep plugging.

I am tired and excited.


xo  Tricia.