Consignment Services

At the Estate Sale Company Los Angeles, we do a thriving business in consignment,

catering to clients who wish to sell antique, vintage and collectible pieces however may

not have the number of items to warrant a full-service estate sale. ESCLA, Inc. can both

infuse consignment merchandise into other estate sales, and/or incorporate consigned

pieces into our monthly warehouse marketplace sales and feature on our online store.

Consignment offers a swift and sensible mechanism allowing clients to turn unwanted

items into quick cash.

Services include:

  • Items are Market Value Appraised and priced based on current comps
  • Items highlighted and placed in prominent positions in either a full-service estate sale, or marketplace warehouse sale
  • Consignment items featured in a professionally composed mailer which reaches over 10,000 subscribers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas
  • Full summary and accounting of all consignment items sold (delivered within 14 business days) 

Additional add on services:

  • Photo-Inventory Photographer  
    • Option to hire an ESCLA, Inc team member to photo-inventory your items for you
  • Post-Consignment 
    • We can help schedule a donation pickup of remaining consignment, should the consignment client request this service 

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