Do I need to RSVP for your sale? 

Typically no, our estate sales are open to the public.  However, if we are doing a sale in Beverly Hills, you will need to RSVP for Friday only.

Can I bring my purse to the estate sale?

No, it is company policy that only wallets and small clutches be permitted inside. Due to security protocol, purses/handbags are not allowed inside. 

How do I find out about your next estate sale? 

Visit our mailing list tab on this website where you can input your email address and we will notify you of upcoming estate sales, via email. 

Do you have a list I can sign up on before the sale? 

Our sales are open to the public on a first-come first-serve basis. We do not create pre-lists in any way. Often customers will line up and create their own list (based on who was in line first) —it is at the sole discretion of security whether to honor this list.

Do you allow previews of sales, before they are open to the public? 

It is our company policy not to allow any previews prior to the commencement of the sale. This discourages any form of favoritism being shown and allows everyone to have equal chance to buy when the sale begins. 

Why do I have to wait in line? 

It is company policy to only allow 15-20 persons within the home at any given time (depending on the size of the estate). We must keep a constant head count and limit the number inside —thus, sometimes a line results. 

Do you charge tax at the estate sales?

Yes, as a business we are required to charge sales tax on all purchases...Unless you have a valid California resale license. If so, please submit your resale information on this website so you are on file with our company. Once you are on file as a reseller, you will not be charged sales tax. 

What are the days and hours of the estate sales? 

Our estate sales are conducted throughout the course of three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), between the hours of 9am-4pm daily. 

Do you offer moving services for items I purchase at the estate sale? 

No, ESCLA, Inc. does not move items. However, we can refer you to a number of independent local movers who can provide bids for your specific needs. 

How long do I have to remove my purchased items from the estate sale home? 

You can come and pick up purchased items at any time during the estate sale. We also offer a pickup window between 10am-2pm the Monday immediately following the estate sale.

Are there discounts? 

Yes, there is a discount structure throughout the course of the weekend. This discount structure varies every time (based on the client’s wishes). The discounts extended become greater as the weekend progresses.

What if I find something I want, but I want it at a discount? 

You can place an offer on any item you want by filling out an offer card

What kinds of payment do you accept

We accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks with a valid driver’s license on which the address matches the address on the checks. 

Where do the items go after the estate sale/can I still buy them? 

After each estate sale the items are turned back over to our clients—we only sell the items during the estate sale weekend, so there is not an opportunity to buy them after the fact. 

I see items on your web site from past sales that I want to buy. Do you still have them? 

After the sale, we no longer have access to the items from a previous sale. However, we do have items readily available on our website for purchase direct from the site (in between estate sale events).